Planting, Irrigation and Turf

Plantings and Organic Landscape Elements 

One of the most important elements to your businesses garden or play area is choosing the style, that’s where softscaping comes in. Softscaping is all the natural/ organic elements of the landscape including shrubs, trees, mulch, flower beds etc.

We can help you select plants that are right for your site and environment. The trick is to combine similar plants to create the mood or feel that you’re after. From a country cottage garden full of traditional flowers, to a drought-proof garden full of succulents, like agave and aloes. The variations are limitless.

Dirtwork Landscapes Adelaide are passionate about creating and maintaining commercial outdoor spaces that are innovative, personal and functional. Most importantly, we love to create beautiful gardens for people and students to relax and unwind in and enjoy creative play/ leisure with family, friends and peers.

Water Wise Gardens

Water wise gardens are naturally water fed and require little ongoing maintenance, saving your business time and money. We aid clients in plant selection, building quality environments that don’t require irrigation that maintain a luscious and vibrant feel. 

Community Endemic Plantings

Endemic plants are native to a specific environment geographically and no where else. We aim to cater to what belongs in SA’s soils, planting and celebrating our natives that are unique to our clients environment. 

Community Gardens & Irrigation

Community gardens support learning, create culture and support the environment. We consider all public safety in our design/ build, catering to environmental safety, dynamic access needs and an appealing appearance. Ensuring all community gardens are fun and functional.


Wetlands are an important natural asset, absorbing pollution, improving water quality and helping reduce the impacts of high rainfall/ flooding. We can assist your business, school or council in the construction of man maid wetlands, aiding in the restoration of SA’s wetlands, (70% loss), (DEWNER, 2021).

Sports Fields

The best sports fields are built, shaped and maintained with the right turf and drainage. We work to provide immaculate AFL, cricket, rugby and soccer fields for clients and communities to enjoy, ensuring they meet all drainage and sporting standards.

Dirtwork Landscapes would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of Counrty, and recognise their relationship and connection with the land, waters and people. We respect and thank Aborigional and Torres Straight Islanders cultures; elders past and presnt for the land we work and live on.