1 West Terrace, Gladstone, SA 5437


There are 5 main areas in this master plan

1. The front and side entrance:

This place is often used in the lunch time. It needs more shade and seating. Shade sails are good option for the side entrance. There will be more tree and plants along the fence to soften the façade, provide shade and cool temperature. Seat bench with arbour is at the corner, creating more space for social interact and beautifying the school.

  1. Green space:

Learning through playing: It is an early year playground, providing outdoor learning area and space for social activities such as sandpit, water play and grassed area where students can play together. It also includes a quiet space for students’ self-regulation or spiritual reflection, and a place for physical development with cross motor play equipment.

Place for school branding: With the grow of the school, a lively and vibrant playground is necessary for building the brand of the school, drawing more students enrolling. Therefore, the green space is chosen to be developed as a draw card. There will be some “cool” equipment and trampoline- the kids’ favourite item to attract more students and parents.

Reflect the characteristic of Gladstone: Grant silo is a striking feature of the town and contain the characteristic of the town which is the farming region. Impressing with this architecture, we take this figure as the inspiration for the playground design. The play equipment in this area will have a form of a grant silo with variety of heigh, suitable for different aged group.

3.. Veggie garden:

There will be a chicken coop at the end of the garden, and an outdoor classroom with shade structure and work benches near the steps. The rest is raised garden beds.

  1. Playground and natural play space:

Play area for older children: The play equipment here will be more challenging, require more skills and thinking, focusing on cross motor play such as climbing, hanging…

Different type of play: There will be a space for imaginative play with cubby house (the existing cubby house can be here) new shop and café for student’s role playing. Besides, there will be a loose part playing at the end of the area. Students use natural loose parts such as: tree branches, seeds, logs…to build their own structure. Loose part play area also includes a digging pit.

Blend into the oval and surrounding environment:  There will be some mound along the edge of the play area to define the boundaries, protect the children playing from flying ball and help the play area blend into the oval and surroundings. The mounds are also play elements as they are cooperated with slide and cave.

  1. Oval:

It is a place for soccer and cricket. At the west side of the oval, there will be a bike track extended around the oval.