25 Research Rd, Tanunda SA 5352


1. Two trampolines alongside each other allow students to play simultaneously with one being accessible for manual wheelchair use.

2. Natural timber play equipment with a mix of horizontal bars and ropes, fallen logs scramble and a platform for gross motor challenge. On softfall mulch, this is accessible for able bodied children to develop their cognitive skills.

3. A timber framed swing with a basket and single swing is on a rubber softfall pad for inclusive play.

4. A sensory path winds past a memorial garden. The path has varying material allowing children to use their sense in play. The memorial tree is retained and surrounded by more plants with different textures, smells and colours. The garden is temporarily fenced during establishment.

5. A low grass mound provides a variation in the surface. A wheelchair could be easily pushed over it.

6. A concrete bike track also performs as a circulation path through the play space.

7. A quiet space for small gatherings with natural log seats beneath shade trees. A space for retreat to escape the noisy playground momentarily on their own or with a friend.

8. Basketball hoop against the classroom with lines marked. Alongside, there are two raised planting boxes with ornamental climbers behind mesh fence to help soften the corner.

9. This imaginative play area extends on the existing sandpit and includes water play and a sand kitchen. The sandpit is extended witha rock edge, but allowing for a ramp entry for esy access and cleaning. A raised water trough into the sandpit enables wheelchair access as does the raised table alongside the sandpit edge. A sand kitchen includes two work benches helping students develop their imagination and for storage of sand play tools.

10. The existing fence is removed and rubber softfall replaced. The edges are ramped to allow for the level change.

11. Busy boards with textural adornments such as galvanised fence, mosaics and coloured perspex line the playground edge, providing a visual divide to prevent children running into the swing.

12. Trees planted along the outside boundary to provide shade while being protected from inquisitive hands.