Dirtwork Landscape Designs Adelaide

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Concept Plan


After the meeting and getting an idea about you and your outdoor space, we develop ideas based on the site’s attributes, challenges and possible solutions that brings the best from your garden.We will usually draft a number of scaled concepts for your consideration.These may include:
  • Structure of the garden designs
  • Planting ideas (not specific plants)
  • Material ideas and features
  • Elevations
  • Storyboard of materials and plants
Your feedback is critical every step of the way and most important at this time to progress to a finalised plan.


The finalised plan has a detailed design with character definition, planting plan and materials.It may also include:
  • A maintenance schedule
  • A materials schedule
  • A construction plan (when required)
Again, this is tailored to your garden design need.This plan can be used to cost the landscaping project.