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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can be installed on new or existing properties, and can be updated if water demands alter. Your water saving begins immediately once your pump or filter system is installed, leading to reduced costs on your outgoing water bills.

Establishing a water system will save you not only time by not having to monitor and move sprinklers, but also ensure no more rolling hoses or getting wet making the next move. Once set up an irrigation system requires very little attention and can be invaluable in the summer months.

Dirtwork Landscape Constructions can help with a range of systems including lawn pop up sprinklers to garden bed drip or spray systems. No matter whether you want manual control or automated timers we can assist with watering solutions

Our irrigation systems operate with efficient use of water using latest AAA rated products. Products are in ground battery operated controllers – neat and no power feed needed. With the added benefit of automated watering with seasonal adjustments; it means no more programming headaches.

Whether it is a stand alone drip system or in conjunction with a sprinkler system Dirtwork Landscape Constructions Adelaide can help plan and install your watering system.

Our services include:

  • New or existing homes
  • Commercial systems
  • Drip irrigation garden systems
  • AAA rated popup lawn systems
  • Rain sensing systems
  • Rainwater systems
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