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Garden Lighting

Lighting your garden can provide a wonderful additional quality to your garden, Lighting will extend your home’s decoration, make your home feel larger partly but preventing windows from reflecting indoor lighting.

The dramatic effect at night can’t be beaten, your garden decorations will be accentuated and the surfaces of water features and plants will be greatly enhanced.

There are also many functional advantages – lighting for outdoor entertainment, an inviting entertainment space and suitable lighting for food preparation and display.

There is also the additional advantage of increased security and greater safety by creating additional visibility for pathways and access.

The design of garden lighting requires some planning and forethought and Dirtworks would be glad to incorporate a lighting plan into your landscaping plan.

LED lighting is inexpensive and extremely long lasting and offers additional safety advantages, with low temperatures being emitted.

LED being directional is also ideally suited to spotlighting features and even providing a range of colours.

Quality lighting with heatshrink waterproof fittings, timers and sensors can be arranged.

Talk to our designer to arrange a lighting plan for your garden.

  • New or existing homes
  • Commercial systems
  • Lighting designs & documentation
  • Path lighting
  • Garden and tree uplighting
  • Timers and sensors
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